Sorang HEP



Himachal Sorang Power Pvt. Ltd., Himachal Pradesh
Nichar Tehsil, Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh

    AEMPL engaged to provide Engineering Consultancy Services for the Review of Project Parameters and Design & Detailed Engineering Work of Penstock/ Pressure Shaft of Sorang Hydroelectric Project.

Sorang Hydro Electric Project (2x50MW) is being developed by Himachal Sorang Power Private Limited (HSPL). The project was awarded to HSPL by Himachal State Electricity Board (HSEB). The project is located on Sorang Khad, a right bank tributary of the River Sutluj near Sorang Dongri Village in Kinnanur District of Himachal Pradesh.

The project envisages construction of a trench weir across Sorang Khad to divert 17.34 cumecs flow (2 units) into a water conductor system comprising Head Race Tunnel of size 3.2m x 4.0m, D-shaped and 1.45km long; Surge Shaft of 6.5m dia and 56.1m high; Surface Penstock of 3.25m dia and about 826m long followed by a steel lined Pressure Shaft of about 287m long and an underground Power House of size 79m (L) x 16.5m (W) x 39.5m (H) housing total three (presently two) generating units of Pelton Turbines. The flow after generation shall be diverted into River Sutluj through a 4.5×5.0 m D-shaped, 166 m long tail race tunnel.

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