Bidkin – DMICCL

BDKIN Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Corporation Limited

CH2M Hill International Private Limited (India)


Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited


Maharashtra, India


Construction Supervision of civil and electrical works; Contract Management including all aspects related to technical and commercial aspects. Project Planning, Monitoring, Control and Scheduling.
Study of the requirements and specifications of electrical and civil works given in the contract documents and corrigendum. Advice the client on adoption of technical specifications different for those contained principal contract and having adverse impact on the quantity and quality of works. Review of material test reports. Maintain the Quality Assurance and Quantity Control plan for the project.


Shendra Bidkin Industrial Area (SBIA) is located at a distance of approximately 15 km from downtown Aurangabad and is 8 km east of the Aurangabad Airport. It is planned as a new industrial corridor extending from the existing Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation’s (MIDC) Shendra Industrial Park to the town of Bidkin. The total area of SBIA admeasuring 84.17 sq. km has been divided into two parts viz. Part-I and Part-II. The Part-I consisting of area of 41.42 sq. km, which is further divided into two parts, viz. Phase-I and Phase-II. The Phase-I covers an area of 8.39 sq. km located north of Jalna Road adjoining existing MIDC Shendra Industrial Park. Phase-II includes the remaining area of 32.03 sq. km located near Bidkin. The development of the Part-II of SBIA consisting of total area of 42.75 sq. km will be taken up at the later stage.

Project Characteristics:

S. No. Power network elements Quantity
1 No. of substations 8 Nos.
2 Power duct 78 km
3 33kV Panels 66 Nos.
4 11kV Panels 210 Nos.
5 Transformers (Main) 30 Nos.
6 Transformers (Auxiliary) 16 Nos.
7 LV Panels 16 Nos.
8 Ring Main Units 322 Nos.
9 33kV Cables 133 km
10 11kV Cables 283 km
11 Streetlights 2100 Nos.
12 High Mast Street Lights 72 Nos.

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