Malana – II HEP




Everest Power Private Limited


Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India


Aquagreen Engineering Management Pvt. Ltd. (AEMPL) providing the Engineering Consultancy Services for effective operation of plant including monitoring and post construction maintenance activities.


Malana – II Hydro Electric Project (100 MW) consists of the following components:

  • A 45 m high concrete gravity dam of length 213 m including 63 m of key wall in the left bank.
  • One 2.9 m D-Shaped Head Race Tunnel of length 4.98 km to convey 20 cumecs for power generation
  • 6 m diameter circular simple type surge shaft of 80 m height.
  • A 2.5 m pressures shaft of length 758.60 m which includes top horizontal, vertical and bottom horizontal segments.
  • An underground power house housing 2 nos. of vertical axis Pelton turbines measuring 67.5 m (l) x 17.5 m (w) x 35.85 m (h).
  • A 5.4 m x 6.75 m D-shaped tail race tunnel of length 380 m.
  • The project utilizes a gross head of 602 m and design discharge of 20 cumecs to generate 409 MU of energy in 90 % dependable year.

The Project is a high head, run-of-river project with 4 hour pondage and is located on Malana Khad, a tributary of the Parbati River, Himachal Pradesh. The Commercial Operation Date (COD) of the project was declared on 12th July 2012. AEMPL has involved in the preparation of post construction activities and monitoring which are required for effective operation.

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